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Morris Sides


The late Erik Ilott was renowned as the last of the Bristol Shantymen. A charismatic old sea dog, he was an honorary member of both the Bristol Morris Men and of the Earlsdon Morris Men (who hail from near Coventry). In his will, he asked that our two sides should perform in his honour in various Bristol locations which were important to him. Bristol invited Earlsdon down for this tour, which proved so enjoyable that it has been repeated on a regular basis. The two sides take it in turns to arrange the day, which is generally marked by dancing at as many public houses as possible. We feel sure that Erik would have wanted it that way...

Erik Ilott, on tour with Bristol Morris Men, playing the bones - his speciality.

Shropshire Bedlams

The Shropshire Bedlams have been favourites of the Bristol Morris Men for many years.

Windsor Morris

Windsor Morris one of the first revival women's morris sides.

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We are in the Stanbrook Guide for Saltford and Keynsham under Dancing.

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